Blissberry Naughty & I Know It
(Pictured as a Dry Yearling, 2017)

Sire: GCH ++*B Blissberry Show Me The Money
      SS: SG ++*B Kastdemur’s Final Justice EX90
      SD: SGCH Kastdemur’s FS Santa Cruz 10*M EX92

Dam: SGCH Blissberry Good Girl Gone Bad 4*M EX91
      SD: ++*B Kastdemur’s King Of The Hill (2008 Nat’l Premier Sire)
      DD: SGCH Blissberry Rockin’ Good Time 3*M

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DOB: April 1, 2016
G6S Normal
DNA Typed & Parent Verified

Not appraised 1-11 68 519 4.8% 25 3.7% 19 2017 1 x RGCH, 1 x Junior Champion

Naughty freshened exactly as we'd hoped and then suffered an injury shortly after kidding. We made the hard decision to dry her up early to help ease her into recovery. The good news is, Naughty is back on track with no lasting effects from her injury! Unfortunately, we didn't get a picture of her in milk. However, she freshened with a pretty, correct mammary system that's beautiful in side profile, high and wide in the rear with nice teat placement.

Blissberry Naughty & I Know It
(Pictured as a Dry Yearling)  
Blissberry Naughty & I Know It
(Pictured as a Junior Kid)


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G6S Normal
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