Blissberry Talk Is Cheap
Pictured as a Milking Yearling

Sire: *B Sherry's Leevi Cam
     SS: *B Sherry's Holt Leevi
     SD: SG Sherry's Hagrid Cameo 13*M EX90

Dam: GCH Lady-K AFJ Jibberish 1*M EX92
     DS: +B Araby-Farms MFS Jericho
     DD: SGCH Lady-K AAG Chit-Chat

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DOB: March 1, 2021
DNA Typed & Parent Verified

Not Appraised  1-02 227 2224 3.8% 85 3.2% 72 2022 ADGA National Show 2nd place/1st Udder Milking Yearling
2022 ADGA National Show member 1st place Dairy Herd 

Talker is pretty special to us being the first Saanen milker we've bred AND she was 2nd place/1st Udder (behind herdmate Tempo Passa Enate Force) at the 2022 ADGA National Show!  Not only was she in the championship lineup but she was also a member of our 1st place Dairy Herd.

Talker is an eye catching doe with a beautiful mammary system. It's balanced in side profile, round in shape with a high and wide rear udder, well extended fore and nicely placed teats.

Having only bred Saanens for three years (and only 2 of which doe kids were born), to say we are proud of the direction and success of our breeding program is an understatement. Thank you to the Saanen breeders who have been so generous with their genetics and knowledge.  We stand strong thanks to those who have come before us and have kept the bar set high.  We couldn't have built the foundation we have without you!

 Blissberry Talk Is Cheap
Pictured as a Milking Yearling (spring)
Blissberry Talk Is Cheap 
Pictured as an Intermediate Kid


ADGA Life Member


Blissberry Nubians
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G6S Normal
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