GCH Sherry's Raijin Pearl 14*M
Pictured as a 3 Year-Old/3rd Freshener
Sherry's Raijin Pearl 

Sire: +*B Ranea Raijin
SS: +B Clovertop's Regent Rex
SD: SGCH Ranea Esenico Rain 9*M EX92

Dam: SG Sherry's Hagrid Cameo 13*M EX90
DS: SG ++*B Sherry's TSM Hagrid
DD: SG Sherry's SUV Cricket 12*M EX92

ADGA Genetics Link
DOB: October 26, 2018
DNA Typed & Parent Qualified

2-10 EX90 VEEE 
4-07 EX90 VEEE
1-05 260 2990 3.5% 104 3.2% 95
2-04 294 4010 4.1% 166 2.9% 118
3-04 295 4079 3.6% 145 3.1% 127
4-04 295 3927 3.3% 130 3.0% 116
5-04 64 862 3.9% 34 2.8% 24 IP

2021 3 x GCH, 3 x BOB, 1 x BEST IN SHOW
2021 ADGA National Show 5th place Two Year-Old 
2022 ADGA National Show 7th place Three Year-Old
2022 ADGA National Show High 305 Milk
2022 ADGA National Show High 305 Butterfat
2023 ADGA National Show 11th place Four Year-Old

Dan and I picked Pearl out of a big pen of young does at Sherry Panuska's dairy last fall.  She came along with a pretty herdmate and she's fit right in at Blissberry ever since!  While we appreciated her strengths last fall... this spring Pearl really started to shine!  She freshened with a beautiful, capacious, milky mammary system.  She's already earned her milk star prior to her August test... and still going strong.  With several tests at 12+ pounds, she is taking after her beautiful dam who is on track for another 4000# lactation!  Her sire, Raijin, is one of our senior herdsires and we love the daughters we've seen.

Pearl has so many good things about her and is the type of Saanen we love.  She milks, she's sweet, easy to work with and loves life.  You can't beat that!  We have been so impressed with Pearl that we added her maternal brother, *B Sherry's Leevi Cam to our herdsire lineup this year!

Due to COVID-19, we didn't have any shows to exhibit at and LA was canceled... our fingers are crossed for a more "normal" 2021 so we can get this lovely young doe out to some shows!  

*B Blissberry BW Pyrite
Blissberry BW Peridot - 2023 ADGA Reserve Junior Champion
Blissberry BW Polychrome

GCH Sherry's Raijin Pearl 14*M
Pictured as a 2 Year-Old/2nd Freshener 
Sherry's Raijin Pearl
Pictured as a Milking Yearling (fall)
Sherry's Raijin Pearl
Pictured as a Milking Yearling (spring)
Sherry's Raijin Pearl
Pictured as a Junior Yearling


ADGA Life Member


Blissberry Dairy Goats
P.O. Box 191
Alexandria, MN 56308

ADGA Plus Member

G6S Normal
DNA Typed

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