Lady-K AFJ Jibberish
Pictured as a 2 Year-Old/1st Freshener
 Lady-K AFJ Jibberish

Sire: Araby Farm MFS Jericho
     SS: Mcquitty Farm Sargent
     SD: Araby Farm AHRB Just-Tina EX92 (2016 ADGA Nat'l Champion & Best Udder)

Dam: SGCH Lady-K AAG Chit-Chat EX92
     DS: *B Alize After Glow
     DD: CH Lady-K TALR Whisper EX91

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DOB: March 21, 2017
DNA Typed & Sire Verified

2-04 VG89 VEEE
4-05 EX92 VEEE
2-00 277 3020 3.5% 107 3.5% 107
2-11 302 4090 3.3% 136 3.3% 133
3-11 294 4708 3.4% 162 2.9% 137
5-00 199 2672 3.7% 98 3.0% 79
2019 3 x GCH, 3 x BOB 

Jibberish was a birthday gift to Dan from our dear friend Karen Smith.  What was just going to be an "extra" doe in the herd ended up starting a wonderful new breeding adventure for Blissberry!  Dan and I have both loved Saanens for as long as we can remember... he used to breed them when he lived in California and my first goat was a Saanen!  Little did we know how easily Jibs would weave her way into our herd and hearts.

We never showed Jibs... she stayed home as a kid and as a dry yearling.  I was adement that we were NOT going to breed or show Saanens!  However all that changed when she freshened!  She has a beautiful, productive mammary system that milks down to nothing.  It's high and wide in the rear with lovely fore extention and properly placed teats.  She's been a consistent producer in the milkroom all year... literally nothing stops Jibs from milking!  

Rather than hide Jibs in the barn any longer than we have, we decided to take her to her first show ever (and the last one of the season).  She easily finished her championship by winning 3 x GCH and 3 x BOB... way to go, Jibs!

We are forever grateful for the generosity and kindness of Karen for starting our Saanen project with such a solid foundation!  ♥


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