Continuing in 2024: We value our integrity as breeders as well as the science of genetic preservation so as an added benefit to our buyers, beginning in 2017, and every year thereafter, all BlissBerry bucklings sold will be DNA typed and parent verified at no additional cost. We strongly feel that any buck purchased for breeding is worth being typed and having his DNA on file.

To be eligible for registration with ADGA, progeny conceived from semen collected after June 1st, 2016 must have the sire's DNA on file with ADGA. This service will streamline the collection process for our buyers. Thank you for your faith and confidence in our breeding program!

Continuing in 2024: All kids sold will be microchipped with 840 chips in addition to being tattooed.

Reservations:  We are currently accepting reservations for 2024 kids!  

The planned breedings listed below are only tentative and may change. Breedings become final when the doe is bred and confirmed pregnant with a * by the due date.

Please visit our Terms of Sale page for complete information on how to reserve a Blissberry kid. 

Pricing: Nubian kid prices start at $800 for doelings from our first fresheners and go up to $900, kids from our mature does are priced from $1100-$1400 and kids from our proven and champion does are $1500-$2500. Nubian buck kid prices start at $1000. Saanen kid prices start at $600 for doelings from our first fresheners and go up to $700, kids from our mature does are $900-$1000 and kids from our proven and champion does are $1100-$1200.  Saanen buck kid prices start at $800.  There are many factors taken into consideration when pricing our kids, including, but not limited to, show wins, linear appraisal scores, official milk records, and proven breedings.

If there is a breeding that interests you email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (email is our preferred method of contact) for additional information and specific pricing.

Mature Animals for Purchase: Are you looking for mature animals to purchase?  In an effort to reduce our herd to a more manageable number, we will be offering milking does for sale in late spring (2024).  Please let us know if you'd be interested in milkers and we will keep you posted on availability.  We plan to have a rather large herd reduction in 2024 and bred more kids than in previous years in preperation for a cut back.  Please note: Nubian milking does will only be sold in pairs or groups as we strongly feel that they have an easier time transitioning to their new home if they go with friends.  We will not make any advance commitments to sell specific animals.  Preference is given to herds we've worked with before.




NUBIAN SENIOR DOES:                                           SIRES: DUE DATE:              AVAILABILITY:
SGCH Blissberry Welcome To Paradise EX91 RETIRED N/A   Nothing Available
SGCH Blissberry Bing Bang Boom EX92  RETIRED N/A  Nothing Available 
SGCH Blissberry Rain Or Shine  EX93 OPEN N/A  Nothing Available
SGCH Blissberry Rise & Shine EX92  *B Blissberry Party Animal April 30, 2024 *  
SGCH Blissberry After Party VG89 *B Blissberry Cool Your Jets  March 22, 2024 *  
SGCH Blissberry Hot & Spicy EX92 *B Blissberry Coconut Cooler  March 27, 2024 *  
GCH Blissberry Shut Up & Dance  EX92 *B Blissberry Coconut Cooler  March 5, 2024 *  
GCH Blissberry MD Louisiana  EX93 *B J&M Hideaway AB Raging Cajun  April 9, 2024 * Private Treaty 
GCH Blissberry Viva La Sueño EX90   *B Blissberry Coconut Cooler March 25, 2024 *  
GCH Blissberry Almost Never EX93 SG ++*B Kastdemur's Hasta La Vista (AI)  March 23, 2024 Private Treaty - bucks only
GCH Blissberry Holy Smokes EX92  *B Blissberry Stone Sour April 3, 2024 *  
GCH Blissberry Yeah Right EX90 *B Blissberry Crumblin' Erb  March 6, 2024 *  
GCH Blissberry Rise Against EX91 *B J&M Hideaway AB Raging Cajun March 6, 2024 *  
Blissberry Faith No More VG87 *B Blissberry Crumblin' Erb   March 12, 2024 *  
Blissberry Back To Black VG87 *B Blissberry Stone Sour May 25, 2024 *  
GCH Blissberry Sweet Home Alabama EX90 *B J&M Hideaway AB Raging Cajun  March 27, 2024 *  
Blissberry Chill Out EX90 *B Blissberry Party Animal  April 3, 2024 *  
Blissberry Paradise City  *B J&M Hideaway AB Raging Cajun March 5, 2024 *  
Blissberry Coco Loco VG88 (FF) *B Blissberry Stone Sour  March 7, 2024 *  
Blissberry PA Hotbox VG86 (FF)  *B Blissberry RH Shinedown March 5, 2024 *  
Blissberry Sweet & Sour VG85 (FF) SG *B My-Enchanted-Acres LR Merle (AI) March 25, 2024  
Blissberry Oh Nevermind VG85 (FF) *B J&M Hideaway AB Raging Cajun  March 5, 2024 *  
Blissberry Eh Whatever VG87 (FF) *B Blissberry High Sparrow May 2, 2024 *  
Blissberry Rainbow Connection GP82 (FF)  *B Blissberry Stone Sour March 6, 2024 *  
Blissberry Purple Rain GP82 (FF)  *B Blissberry Coconut Cooler March 6, 2024 *  
Blissberry Praise Be GP82 (FF)  GCH +*B Blissberry Mic Drop March 6, 2024 *  
Blissberry Bless Your Heart VG85 (FF) *B Blissberry Party Animal  March 6, 2024 *  
Blissberry Rise Up & Resist VG86 (FF) +*B Blissberry AC Vision (AI) March 23, 2024 *   
Blissberry We Can't Stop GP83 (FF)  *B Blissberry RH Shinedown March 6, 2024 *  
Blissberry Sweet Leaf GP82 (FF) *B Blissberry Stone Sour March 5, 2024 *  
SG Tempo Passa WinLouise EX91  RETIRED N/A Nothing Available
GCH Lady-K AFJ Jibberish EX92  *B Sherry's Leevi Cam  March 21, 2024 *  
GCH Lady-K AFJ Jubilee EX92 *B Sherrys Leevi Cam   March 5, 2024 *  
GCH Sherry's Raijin Pearl EX90 SG ++*B Kapra-Vista LGI Boy Wonder  March 4, 2024 *  
Sherry's Raijin Mantra EX91 *B Tempo Passa EPI Evolution March 6, 2024 *  
GCH Bearly Siber Beatrice EX91  *B Tempo Passa Exfactor  April 12, 2024 *  
GCH Tempo Passa Ecardib EX90  SG ++*B Kapra-Vista LGI Boy Wonder March 5, 2024 *  
GCH Lady-K FTS Making A Statement EX90 *B Tempo Passa Exfactor  March 6, 2024 *  
Tempo Passa Enate Force EX90  SG ++*B Kapra-Vista LGI Boy Wonder March 6, 2024 *  
Sherry's Chief Celeste EX90  *B Tempo Passa Exfactor March 9, 2024 *  
GCH Blissberry EX Filibuster  VG89 *B Blissberry BW Pyrite  March 11, 2024 *  
Blissberry LC Joyride VG86 (FF) *B Tempo Passa Exfactor  March 25, 2024 *  
Blissberry Bing A Ling  *B Blissberry Party Animal March 12, 2024 *  
Blissberry Forever After All *B Blissberry Party Animal  April 22, 2024 *  
Blissberry Forevermore *B J&M Hideaway AB Raging Cajun May 3, 2024 *  
Blissberry Twisted Tea  *B J&M Hideaway AB Raging Cajun April 16, 2024 *  
Blissberry No Mercy *B Blissberry Stone Sour  April 12, 2024 *  
Blissberry Simmer Down *B Blissberry Party Animal  April 10, 2024 *  
Blissberry Cha Cha Slide *B J&M Hideaway Raging Cajun April 10, 2024 *  
Blissberry Chica Guapa *B Blissberry Coconut Cooler  April 22, 2024 *  
Blissberry Hoedown Throwdown *B Blissberry Crumblin' Erb  April 23, 2024 *  
Blissberry Hot & Zesty  *B Blissberry Crumblin' Erb April 10, 2024 *  
Blissberry Mind Ya Business  *B J&M Hideaway AB Raging Cajun April 23, 2024 *  
Blissberry No Comment *B J&M Hideaway AB Raging Cajun  April 17, 2024 *  
Blissberry Hula Hoop  *B Tempo Passa EPI Evolution  March 5, 2024 *  
Blissberry LC Euphoria *B Tempo Passa EPI Evolution May 1, 2024 *  
Blissberry BW Peridot *B Tempo Passa Exfactor April 22, 2024 *  
Blissberry Flora Adora *B Tempo Passa EPI Evolution  March 26, 2024 *  
Blissberry EX Mandala *B Blissberry BW Pyrite May 3, 2024 *  
Blissberry Rumor Mill *B Tempo Passa EPI Evolution  April 23, 2024 *  
Blissberry EX Jamboree  *B Sherry's Leevi Cam April 27, 2024 *  
Blissberry BW Elizzo *B Sherry's Leevi Cam & *B Tempo Passa Exfactor (will DNA) March 28, 2024 *  
Blissberry Sunday Drive *B Blissberry BW Pyrite  March 27, 2024 *  
Legendairy Verve's Tillamook *B Tempo Passa Exfactor May 3, 2024 *  
A * next to the due date indicates the breeding has been confirmed bred via BioPRYN and/or ultrasound.
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