Thank you for choosing Blissberry!
We are excited that you chose us for your next herd addition!  We aim to place the right animal in the right home so please let us know what you're looking for and what improvements that you are looking to achieve from your new Blissberry kid.

Our Valued Customers:
Our customers and the Blissberry animals they purchase are very important to us.  We enjoy hearing how our animals are doing in your herd and appreciate receiving periodic updates. To show our appreciation to our repeat customers, we offer a discount on any kid purchased. We also offer a multiple purchase discount on orders of 3 or more kids.

Reserving your Blissberry Kid:
The prices quoted are for domestic (within the United States), pre-ordered kids only that are picked up or shipped by the time they are four weeks of age. Kids that remain at the farm after the allotted time frame are subject to a boarding fee of $50/week. International sales are considered on a per case basis only and due to the extra time and work involved, extra expenses will incur. Until further notice, we no longer export animals to the Philippines or outside of the United States. If you would like to reserve a kid, we ask that you send a deposit of $100 per kid ordered ($200 for international orders), as all kids are subject to prior sale unless we have a specific order with a deposit. Reservations are made based on the order in which deposits are received. A reservation is not made until we receive your deposit.  When reserving a kid, please be sure to include both a first and second choice with your deposit, with the first choice kidding before or close to the due date of the second choice if possible, in the event your first choice is not available. We only accept two buck kid and one doe kid first choice reservations per doe. Please make all checks payable to Blissberry Dairy Goats, and understand that the balance of your kid order is due within 7 days of notification of birth. We will notify you via email, Facebook or Messenger when your optioned kid is born.  If we do not get a response within 72 hours, it will be considered a canceled order.  If the balance is not paid within 7 days and other arrangements have not been made, the kid may be offered to another buyer and the deposit, along with any monies paid, will be forfeited. If your choice of kid is not available or does not meet our high standard of quality, we will gladly refund your deposit, hold it over to the following year or transfer it to another kid if that is your desire, however there are no refunds on canceled orders. Kids that are born that have not been pre-reserved will first be offered to buyers with paid deposits whose reservations could not be filled. Please note:  Nubians can be born any color and we cannot guarantee that kids born will be a specific color or pattern.  It is considered a canceled order if a kid is rejected due to color. If a kid order is canceled (for any reason) after committing to purchase said kid, the deposit, along with any money paid upfront, is forfeited. We reserve the right to retain any animal for herd replacements.  If you are interested in a buck kid, they must be pre-ordered as we only keep bucks that we have orders for or ones that we plan to keep and use in our herd. We do not offer bucklings for sale from our first freshening does until we have had a chance to evaluate the doe in milk. On any buck kid purchased from Blissberry, we reserve the option to purchase up to 20 straws of semen for the cost of the collection. We also ask that you refrain from marketing semen from any buck purchased from Blissberry until you have evaluated several daughters in milk.

When buying a kid that is already born, the total price is due in full at the time of purchase.

First freshener buck kid reservations are conditional. Even if a buck is born we reserve the right to refuse a sale if the dam does not meet our strict quality standards. Once it is decided that a first freshener is of high enough quality for a buck to be sold, we will notify you that the buckling is available. Udder pictures of first fresheners will not be available. Living in cold, snowy, wet Minnesota, we don't have the luxury of doing much for dairy or udder clips on our does in the winter and spring. We will post body and udder pictures of new first fresheners once they've been clipped for a show and/or Linear Appraisal. Thank you for your patience and understanding! For buyers wishing to see pictures of a dams udder prior to a sale, we recommend reserving from one of our mature does that have pictures and data already established.

Payments on mature animals will hold that animal until pick-up within 14 days. Sending a payment is a guarantee that you will buy that animal at the agreed upon price quoted and within the 14 day time frame specified. Once a payment is made on a mature animal, the goat must be picked up within 14 days or the animal may be offered for sale again or a boarding fee will be assessed at the rate of $50/week.

By making an official reservation with a deposit you accept and agree to our Terms of Sale in its entirety.

Making a Reservation after Canceling a Previous Order:
If a previous kid order was canceled and you'd like to place another reservation at a later date, we require 50% of the purchase price (non refundable if canceled) of your selected kid(s) to hold your reservation.

Kid Photos:
If possible, we encourage you to pick up your kid at our farm so that you can visit the herd and meet related animals. We understand that purchasing a kid, especially sight unseen, is an expensive investment. We want you to be happy with your BlissBerry kids. An honest evaluation of a kid is far more accurate than an unnaturally posed picture of a fuzzy baby, We will give an accurate assement by phone or email, but do not send pictures of kids.

Payment Methods:

  • Paypal transfers (including PayPal fees) should be sent to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
  • Venmo transfers should be sent to: @blissberrygoats (6201)
  • Checks or money orders should be made out to Blissberry and mailed to P.O. Box 191, Alexandria, MN 56308

*Please note:  There is a $50 charge on any checks returned for non payment.  In addition to the $50 fee for returned checks, all previous discounts are voided.  This applies to both animal and semen sales. 

Bringing home your Blissberry Kid:
The purchaser is responsible for all shipping costs including the shipping crate, airfare, any required health tests and interstate health certificates, prior to time of shipping. We may also find is necessary to charge a $100 delivery fee to the Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport as it is over 250 miles round trip. We will provide the registration certificates and transfers to ADGA members following the shipment of your kid(s) and after the final balance of the shipping costs have been paid in full. We abide by the ADGA Recommended Trade Practices for Members (section XIX in the ADGA Guidebook).  All out of state ground shipments also require a CVI (usually $125) for travel to the destination state.

Our prices do not include a CVI, shipping kennel, misc. shipping supplies or an airport delivery fee. A shipping advance in the amount of $650 for a single kid (combined weight under 50#) and $750 for two kids (combined weight between 51# to 70#) in a crate is due prior to shipping (based on 2022 shipping rates). No animal will be shipped until all fees (estimated airfare, crate, CVI and delivery fee (in addition to the animal cost) are paid in full. We provide ADGA registration and transfers for any kid purchased by an ADGA member following the shipment of your kid(s) and after any remaining balance has been paid.
Due to the uncertain nature of professional or 3rd party ground transport companies, they are accepted on a case by case basis only and must be approved by us prior to transport. We will not be held liable for any health related issues once animals leave our farm. All animals will leave in excellent health with a valid CVI. We work extensively with Red River Transport and recommend them when transporting animals from us.

We value our integrity as breeders as well as the science of genetic preservation so as an added benefit to our buyers, beginning in 2017, every BlissBerry buckling sold will be DNA typed and parent verified (whenever possible) at no additional cost. We strongly feel that any buck purchased for breeding is worth being typed and having his DNA on file. To be eligible for registration with ADGA, progeny conceived from semen collected after June 1st, 2016 must have the sire's DNA on file with ADGA. This service will streamline the collection process for our buyers.

International Sales: In addition to the purchase price of the kid(s) and the cost of the International Health Certificate, we also charge a labor and delivery fee of $150 for International sales. This is due to the extensive amount of time and effort that it takes to arrange and coordinate International shipments when compared to domestic shipments. We no longer export to the Philippines.

Biosecurity & Animal Pick Up:
Strict biosecurity practices are important and in place for the health and safety of our herd. We welcome on farm pick up of your new addition but please follow the below guidelines:

  • Farm visits are by appointment only. If you're running late please have the courtesy to let us know.
  • Due to our busy schedules, unannounced visitors are unable to be accomodated.
  • Do not wear any farm shoes/boots that have been worn around other animals or livestock. Clothing must be clean and not exposed to other animals.
  • Viewing the goats is strictly visual; no walking through the pens or pastures.
  • No unruly human kids allowed.
  • No loud noises, running, or quick movements.
  • No straying away from the group or parents.
  • No feeding the animals.
  • Our LGD's despise other animals, for your pets safety, please leave them home.
  • Sorry, no restroom facilities available.

We appreciate your understanding and look forward to your visit!

Farm Tours:
Due to our strict biosecurity policy coupled with our intensly busy schedule on and off the farm, we do not offer farm tours.  If you're able to pick up your kid in person, we're happy to introduce you to the herd at that time.  Thank you for understanding.

We appreciate your interest in a Blissberry bred animal.  I look forward to chatting with you!   ~ Sara

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