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Bringing Home Your Blissberry Kid:
We invite you to pick up your kid at our farm so that you can visit the herd and meet related animals. However, we realize that this isn't always possible so we are happy to provide shipping out of the Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport (MSP) or the Hector International Airport (FAR). We prefer to use United or Delta Airlines as we’ve used both extensively and they have provided us with good service in past years.  We ship our babies on early morning flights to arrive at their new homes by mid-afternoon.

Preparing to Ship your Kid:
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We choose to ship our kids by 4-5 weeks of age, as we feel that at this age they are off to a good start and are able to easily adjust to their new homes quickly.  The buyer is responsible for all shipping costs prior to time of shipping; including airfare, shipping crate ($95-$110 depending on size), CVI (required for out of state shipments/buyers, usually $85), along with any required testing fees for out-of-state or International shipments as well as transportation fees to the airport.  Airline shipping costs often differ from one airline to another and are usually determined by the size of the crate, the total weight of the kid and crate combined as well as the final destination.  Prices vary, but airfare generally ranges from $300-$425.  Small airports or obscure locations can increase the cost of airfare considerably (up to $500).

What to Expect:
Shipping can be stressful for young kids but we take every precaution to ease their transition to their new homes and insure that you receive a healthy, happy Blissberry baby.  In the week before your kid is shipped, we will provide a detailed care information sheet that outlines how we raise our kids, including vaccinations received and the date of the most current coccidia treatment.  On the day of shipping we give each kid a dose of B vitamins and just prior to airport drop off, we offer the babies pasteurized milk containing probiotics to ease shipping stress and reduce upset stomachs.  The shipping crate will be lined with a thick layer of pine shavings topped with grass hay for them to nibble on during their journey.

Be prepared to meet your new kid at the airport as soon as it arrives.  We recommend bringing along a bottle of milk to offer to your kid once they land.  It’s not uncommon for your new kid to take a couple days to adjust to their new home and routine. We recommend introducing them to the other kids in your herd shortly after arriving so that they can settle in and make friends.

Please remember to text, email or call after you pick up your Blissberry kid from the airport so we know that they arrived at their new home safely!


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