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Goat BlueLite® contains palatable electrolytes, vitamins, and readily available sources of energy and nutrients to use during periods of dehydration in goats.

Hydration is the key component to helping goats stay healthy and energized. Goat BlueLite has been proven to be an effective way to ensure that your goats are well hydrated before they freshen, during transition, and to help maintain milk production. An easy-to-administer electrolyte, Goat BlueLite is palatable, acidified, and provides added energy sources and vitamins needed for use in dehydrated animals. A versatile and effective hydration product, Goat BlueLite helps to rehydrate and maintain normal body fluid and electrolyte balance to promote top performance.


* During periods of heat stress or to
* Before, during & after transportation
* To encourage dry matter intake
* During cold stress events
* When changing feeding programs
* During health challenges
* At shows to encourage water intake


* Promotes water intake
* Restores electrolyte balance
* Stimulates feed intake
* Provides nutrients to restore energy
* Helps maintain milk production

SGCH Blissberry After Party 4M head 500

Listen to After Party: "If you want to fill that udder twice a day, birth beautiful babies every year,
have them grow to be strong and healthy, then you need hydration, electrolytes, and nutrients.
A little Goat BlueLight will go a long way to keep you healthy and productive, not to mention
piling up those component records, ribbons and trophies!"


Top dress on feed at a rate of 1/2 ounce per head per day:

Goat BlueLite 2lb
For water use, mix 1 ounce per four gallons of water:

Goat BlueLite water 300X320


 Goat YMCP

Goat YMCP® is the complete goat supplement featuring yeast, magnesium, calcium, potassium, and niacin to help ease the transition into lactation.
When goats freshen, they lose a significant amount of essential nutrients to transition into lactation quickly. Goat YMCP delivers vital nutrients including live yeast, magnesium, potassium, and more, in an efficient, easy-to-use application. As one of the top transition products on the market, Goat YMCP helps to reduce post-kidding complications and stimulates appetite, helping the goat to reach optimum peak in lactation.

* To encourage feed and water intake
* To help with post-kidding recovery
* To ease the transition into lactation

Contains live yeast and other nutrients
    to get 
does back on feed fast
* Provides key nutrient and probiotics to
   enhance rumen health and intestinal
* Includes multiple sources of calcium
Provides nutrients essential to help
   promote peak milk while
 health concerns
* Can be used as a free choice drink or

SGCH Vallelujah with triplets
SGCH Vallelujah  knows a little something about caprine nutritional needs for easing
from pregnancy through the stresses of kidding, and into lactation. She may make it
look easy but she'll tell you that TechMix Goat YMCP is a great help.


Scoop of YMCPMix 4 ounces (2 scoops) of Goat YMCP in 3 quarts of warm water and offer to doe immediately after kidding. 

Drenching Directions: If doe has consumed water prior to use of Goat YMCP, mix 4 ounces of Goat YMCP with water and use a drench device to give the entire mixed solution to the animal. If doe is later in lactation (30-50 days) YMCP can be drenched every 12 hours at the rate indicated above, until improvement is shown.




Goat Bluelite 2-lb bag - $16

Goat BlueLite 2-lb
Goat Bluelite 50-lb box - $235

Goat BlueLight 50-lb Box
Goat YMCP 2-lb bag - $18



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