SGCH Blissberry RH Vallelujah 7*M
(Full Sister: SGCH Blissberry RH Vallelujah 7*M EX93)

Sire: *B Blissberry Rock Hard EX92
     SS: GCH ++*B Kastdemur's Time In A Bottle EX90
     SD: SGCH Blissberry R Rockin' Robin 2*M EX90

Dam: SGCH Blissberry MW Valentina 6*M EX90
     DS: SGCH ++*B Kastdemur's Most Wanted EX90 (2016 ADGA Nat'l Premier Sire)
     DD: SGCH Lakeshore Farms Just-Tina 5*M EX91

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DOB: March 3. 2017
G6S Normal
Alpha S1 Casein: A/A
DNA Typed & Parent Verified

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Anyone who follows our herd knows that the Val line has some interesting names. Dan is the official name guy when it comes to all of Val's kids. Vallawho came by his unique name in a rather funny way. He was one of our ET kids born in 2017 and he wasn't supposed to have been a Val kid so when the DNA results came back (TWICE... poor Lisa had to put up with my craziness of requesting testing again)... Dan immediately said "Vallawho"?!?!?

We are thrilled to have this guy working in our herd. He's from the very proven cross of *B Blissberry Rock Hard EX92 to SGCH Blissberry MW Valentina 6*M EX90. Together they have produced beautiful daughters such as SGCH Blissberry RH Vallerina 7*M EX92, 7th place at the ADGA National Show in both 2014 and 2016, as well as our first EX93 EEEE...SGCH Blissberry RH Vallelujah 7*M EX93, the 3rd place Two-Year-Old at the 2016 ADGA National Show and the 4th place Three-Year-Old and High 305 Butterfat at the 2017 ADGA National Show!

Vallaho himself is a gorgeous buckling strongly resembling his handsome sire... except for a lot of added color flash! He's long, tall and stretchy with wonderful openness of ribbing and good depth and width throughout.

Vallawho was slow to breed this year so unfortunately by the time he was ready, the herd was bred! We are thankful he's been collected and we plan to use him heavily in the fall 2018 breeding season!

*B Blissberry Rock Hard
(Sire: *B Blissberry Rock Hard EX92)
SGCH Blissberry RH Vallerina 7*M
(Full Sister: SGCH Blissberry RH Vallerina 7*M EX92)


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