SGCH Blissberry Boom Boom Pow 4*M
(Pictured as a 4-Year-Old, Milking Through)
SGCH Blissberry Boom Boom Pow 4*M 


Sire: SGCH ++*B Blissberry Show Me The Money
      SS: SG ++*B Kastdemur’s Final Justice EX90
      SD: SGCH Kastdemur’s FS Santa Cruz 10*M EX92

Dam: SGCH Blissberry FM Rockstar 3*M
      DS: +*B Kastdemur’s Full Monty
      DD: SGCH Blissberry R Rockin’ Robin 2*M EX90

ADGA Genetics Link
DOB: March 1, 2010
G6S Normal

2-06 VG89 VVVV
3-03 EX91 VEEE
6-05 EX91 EEEE
2-04  229  2660  5%  132  4%  107
3-01  305  3650  4.6%  169  3.8%  140 (Top Ten)
             590  5190  4.5%  236  3.9%  200
5-10  241  2247  4.1%  92  3.8%  85  IP
2010 1 x Junior Champion
2010 ADGA National Show 3rd place Intermediate Kid
2012 2 x GCH, 2 x BOB
2013 3 x BOB
2013 ADGA National Show 3rd place/3rd Udder 3 Year-Old
2013 Minnesota State Fair Grand Champion

There isn't much I'd like to change about Fergie. In fact, I'd clone her if I could! I love her overall balance and style coupled with her lovely dairy strength, her productive, socked on mammary system, and a temperament that is exactly what I expect from my Nubians... calm, cool and collected.

Fergie has always been a fun doe to show. In 2010 she earned her dry leg and was the 3rd place Intermediate Kid at the 2010 ADGA National Show.  After freshening for the first time in late summer as a 2-year-old she easily finished her championship in the only 2 rings she was shown in. At the 2013 ADGA National Show in Minnesota she was 3rd place/3rd Udder Three-Year-Old!

Fergie’s first daughter in our herd, SGCH Blissberry Bing Bang Boom 5*M EX92 freshened beautifully! She quickly finished her championship in her first show ring appearance of 2016. Bing made the long journey to the Harrisburg and we were thrilled when she was the 1st place 3-Year-Old at the 2016 ADGA National Show... we love her so much that we even kept 2 sons of hers to use in our herd!

SGCH Blissberry Bing Bang Boom 5*M EX92
*B Blissberry Sonic Boom

SGCH Blissberry Boom Boom Pow 4*M
(Pictured as a 3-Year-Old/2nd Freshener)
SGCH Blissberry Boom Boom Pow 4*M
(Pictured as a 3-Year-Old/2nd Freshener)
SGCH Blissberry Boom Boom Pow 4*M
(Pictured as a 2-Year-Old/1st Freshener)
SGCH Blissberry Boom Boom Pow 4*M
(Pictured as an Intermediate Kid)

ADGA Life Member


Blissberry Dairy Goats
P.O. Box 191
Alexandria, MN 56308

ADGA Plus Member

G6S Normal
DNA Typed

herdofdistinction 1

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