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 Why Great Pyrenees LGDs?

There are several different breeds of LGDs.  Many years ago when we were researching the best LGD breed for our farm, we quickly settled on the Great Pyrenees.  Our criteria for our dogs was pretty strict – they had to have the ability to form a solid bond to our beloved herd of dairy goats, show a strong nurturing instinct, have a very low chance of injuring the animals they were in charge of protecting, be able to withstand our hot summers and cold winters and have a high success rate of keeping predators at bay.  As studies have shown, no other breed of LGD could compare to the Great Pyrenees in terms of our above requirements.  A guardian dog is just that… a “guardian”.  This differs from a “guard” dog as a guardian protects and guards but the main difference is in how it is done.  A Pyr bonds to its animals and protects out of love for what it is protecting.  While it protects, it will also care and nurture its charges.  Quite simply, the Great Pyrenees is the only breed of LGD that we would trust with our herd.


Protection from Predators:

We strongly feel and recommend that when considering how LGDs work it’s best to have a team or pair of spayed/neutered dogs.  In our experience, training two puppies is much easier than training one alone.  As puppies they will seek out each other for roughhousing over chasing or playing with your livestock.  As adults they support one another in guarding and nurturing and you’ll find that two dogs working together offers much more than twice the protection of two single dogs.  If you’re purchasing a second dog to complement an older LGD you will also experience these benefits as well as the added advantage of having the older LGD train and mentor the pup.

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About Our Puppies:

Our Great Pyrenees LGDs are successfully guarding goats, sheep, cows, poultry, pigs, cats and children on farms and ranches all over the United States!  Puppies are AKC registered (limited registration) and are raised in the barn with our herd of beloved dairy goats.  They will be also be exposed to cats, chickens, cows and pigs.  Before leaving our farm, the puppies will be vet checked, dewormed and given their first vaccinations.  They will go to their new homes with a puppy pack that includes a collar, food and health record.  Because our dogs are happier with a job to do and animals to guard, we only place our dogs in working homes.

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Pups in trainingPuppy Placement and Reservation Policy:

We don't plan on breeding in 2024.  We will accept reservations on a 2025 litter. Once you’re on our waiting list, you’ll be notified when the puppies are born and what is available. We only place our pups in responsible, loving farm and ranch homes.  

A deposit to reserve a puppy is $200. This deposit is non-refundable (unless we cannot provide you with a puppy within 18 months) and is applied to the purchase price of your puppy. Once we receive your deposit, you’re officially on the list for your new LGD!  

*We do reserve the right to refuse a sale if we don’t feel that one of our pups would be a good fit for your farm.

Puppy Pricing:

Limited AKC Registration $800.00

Occasionally we have started dogs available.  They are priced according to age and guarding ability at the time of sale.  Pricing will start at $1000+.

Full AKC Registration may be available to reputable breeders on an individual case by case basis.  Price for Full AKC is higher than Limited AKC.

What Happens Next:

It is very important to place the puppies in an environment where they will thrive and work best for your farm and ranch lifestyle guarding the stock he/she is charged with protecting. We will work closely with you to help you choose the right puppy to fit your needs. Please let us know what you’re looking for in a LGD so we can best determine the right pup for your situation.  Puppy selection begins at 5-6 weeks of age. By that age we are able to evaluate temperament and LGD traits.  The balance on your puppy is due at this time.

Puppies stay at our farm until 9-10 weeks of age. You’re welcome to come to the farm to pick up your puppy or we are able to ship your new puppy by air. Transportation, airfare, shipping crate, veterinarian fees and any other associated costs are due prior to shipping.

We offer lifetime breeder support and are always happy to offer advice!

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