Blissberry BB Fiji
(Pictured as a 2-Year-Old/2nd Freshener)
Blissberry BB Fiji

Sire: GCH +*B Blissberry Bada Bing Bada Boom
      SS: *B Wingwood Farm Lucky Tolkien
      SD: SGCH Blissberry Bing Bang Boom 5*M EX92

Dam: GCH Blissberry SM Jamaica 5*M EX92
      DS: GCH ++*B Blissberry Show Me The Money
      DD: Blissberry FM Aruba 4*M

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DOB: April 8, 2017
G6S Normal
DNA Typed & Parent Verified

1-02 GP82 ++E+
2-03 VG88 VVEV
1-00 237 1190 4.8% 57 4.6% 55
1-11 269 2500 5.4% 135 4.3% 108

Fiji has always been a favorite in her age group and we stand by that... she is going to be a pretty cool doe as she matures! She had an easy pregnancy and then a very hard delivery of a large single doe kid.

Between the tough kidding and the single kid, Fiji didn't come into the amount of milk we had hoped for but she is exactly what we wanted to see from this breeding! Despite her early setback, she's growing (and growing and growing) into one of our largest yearlings. Fiji is a powerful yet elegant doe who carries a lot of style and presence. Her mammary is beautiful in shape and the way it is set on her body.... I can't wait to see it next year!

Fiji freshened beautifully in 2019 and we are excited to have her daughter and son residing in the herd!

Blissberry Viti Levu
Blissberry Vanua Levu

Blissberry BB Fiji 6*M
(Pictured as a Milking Yearling)
Blissberry BB Fiji
(Pictured as a Junior Kid)

ADGA Life Member


Blissberry Dairy Goats
P.O. Box 191
Alexandria, MN 56308

ADGA Plus Member

G6S Normal
DNA Typed

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