Saanen Milkout 2022
Danni and Trinity milking out Jubilee for Best Udder at the 2022 ADGA National Show

3 93EX does LA 2021 500w
Linear Appraisal 2021: Three new EX93 does!

Team Blissberry celebrating a Senior BIS win at the MN State Fair
Team Blissberry celebrating a Senior BIS win at the MN State Fair

Thank you for visiting our website.  We hope you enjoy getting to know our herd.  We love chatting about goats and look forward to meeting new dairy goat breeders as well as spending time with our dairy goat friends.  Our show friends, Josh Campbell, Megan Okeson and Levi Campbell have given us a lot of great memories over the years. We’ve truly been incredibly fortunate to have such beautiful friendships and wouldn’t be where we are today without the love, support and encouragement from our amazing, dedicated, dear, long time friends and fellow breeders, Trinity Smith Malmanis, Ben & Rebekah Rupchis, Krista Senn Myers and the late Karen Senn. We love you all so much!

Malibu and Sara on the day she finished her championship
Malibu and Sara on the day she
finished her championship.
Levi and Sara at the Wine & Cheese reception
Levi and Sara at the Wine & Cheese reception.
Josh and Sara having fun showing goats!
Josh and Sara having fun
showing goats!
Dan resting with one of his special girls
Dan resting with one of his special girls.
Megan and Sara at the 2012 ADGA National Show
Megan and Sara at the 2012 ADGA National Show.
Dan & Blanco
Dan & Blanco

I (Sara) started the Blissberry herd in 1998 with a single Saanen doe.  Shortly after, I got my first Nubian and it was love at first sight… the rest, as they say, is now history!  Danni’s first love was a pet wether named Blanco who was half Nubian and half Oberhasli.  A few years later he started breeding Oberhasli and they become his passion.  Danni and I met at the 2010 ADGA National Show (although we do have differing opinions on how that first meeting went!) and in early 2012, Danni moved his small Oberhasli herd to Minnesota to join the Nubians.  In 2019 we made the tough decision to disperse the Oberhasli to focus on our Saanen breeding program.  Saanens are proving to be a great fit for our herd.

LA day 2016: our 6 new EX92 does!
2016 Linear Appraisal Day: Our 6 new EX92 does!

I have been obsessed with animals my entire life.  Growing up I had a couple parakeets, lots of fish, pet rats, a few rabbits, a boa constrictor, iguanas and my parents even let me have a dog.  I didn’t grow up on a farm but got here as fast as I could!  I’ve worked with my parents at our family transportation company for the past 28 years and am so grateful to have a job that’s flexible with my goat schedule.  Danni grew up in Northern California and was the 5th generation to have been born and raised on his family’s cattle ranch.  At one time or another, Danni has raised and bred about every furry or feathered animal possible; from not only a large, thriving beef cattle herd of his own, but horses, llamas, all different types of poultry, ring neck doves, fancy mice and Mini Lop rabbits as well.  He graduated with honors from Chico State University in 2010 with a degree in Agriculture and an emphasis on Animal Science.  Danni is employed with the American Dairy Goat Association as a Linear Appraiser and owns his own semen processing company, XCell Genetics.

Kitty love!Kitty Love!

Our passion and focus at Blissberry is obviously our beloved dairy goat herd but to further diversify our farm, we raise a variety of other animals as well.  We have a handful of Ayrshire dairy cows we milk, a small Angus beef herd and a flock of laying hens.   Each year we raise a couple batches of broiler chickens for butcher along with 3 pigs that we raise on goat milk.  We also raise Blue and Broken Blue Satin rabbits.  In addition, we trust the safety of our herd to the Great Pyrenees Livestock Guardian Dogs that we breed and raise.  We have several rescue barn cats that keep any rodent or bird from entering their territory.

Annabelle with her Angus heifer calf
Annabelle with her Angus heifer calf
Stella, our Great Dane
RIP 08/27/10 ~ 01/12/20
Dottie, our "Fug"

Along with the menagerie of farm animals, we share our lives with several treasured pets as well.  I have a love affair with Great Danes and I’m always on the lookout for any Dane who needs rescuing. We have a sweet, crazy, kooky “Fug” (our Frenchie x Pug cross that Danni affectionately created a breed name for), Dottie, and Olive, our foster fail Great Pyrenees. Pop Tart, our Sulcata Tortoise, keeps us laughing with it's funny personality.  Our home is also run by Oscar, our African Grey parrot who tolerates only me!

Charlie, our milking partner
Charlie, our milking partner
RIP 03/03/12 ~ 07/25/23
Oscar, our African Grey Parrot
Oscar, our African Grey Parrot


Sara.Krista wedding
Forever friends, Sara and Krista in California on Krista's wedding day.


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