At XCell Genetics, we strive to provide excellent customer service and top quality semen to our clientele. By following our suggestions, you will help to ensure a successful collection of your valuable herdsires.

We require a 6 buck minimum to book a collection stop at a host herd location. If you don’t have at least six bucks to collect, we ask that you network with other nearby breeders to meet the minimum to host a stop.

Collection Routes & XCell Genetics Home Farm Semen Processing:

If you’re interested in having Xcell Genetics collect for you or if you need additional information, please contact us by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone. As our tour routes are confirmed we will post an updated list of host herds on our website and Facebook page.

Herds local to Xcell Genetics are able to schedule their bucks to be collected at our farm in Alexandria, Minnesota. Availability is dependent upon already scheduled tours. The buck owner will be responsible for bringing their own teaser does.

Host Herd Information:

As a host herd you are an integral part of the process and invaluable for other breeders to be able to have their prized herdsires collected. You will have a few additional responsibilities in order to make collection day run smoothly. These include:

• 6 buck minimum.

• A level area for us to park and work in our mobile lab.

• Ample room to turn around.

• Access to adequate power.

• The address of the collection site as well as a phone number and email address for the host. Once your stop is confirmed, we may need to ship a small box of supplies and pre-printed straws for safe keeping until the day of your collection.

• A list of all buck owners coming to your stop for collection. We’ll need complete information including phone numbers and email addresses.

• We start collecting bucks at 9:00AM so please have all participants on site by 8:00AM to complete the necessary paperwork.

• Access to restrooms.

• Farm fresh eggs preferably from free range chickens. Not more than 2-3 days old (same day is best) and not refrigerated. We need 2 eggs per buck collected. Fresh eggs are vital for successful semen processing. We do not have access to farm fresh eggs while on the road so you must make sure you have them available.

Buck Owner Information:

Once the host herd location has been confirmed, we will contact you for the following information:

• The number of bucks you’ll be having us collect

• The number of straws requested from each buck (30 straw minimum)

• The buck's registered name, registration number and tattoo/EID (buck owner MUST provide a microchip scanner if needed)

• Scanned copy or photo of the bucks registration certificate

• It may be helpful to the host herd to bring farm fresh eggs needed to process the semen

Once the number of bucks has been confirmed, we will require a $100 deposit per buck to proceed with the collection confirmation. The deposit per buck is due at this time.

Please remember that DNA is required for AI sires in order to register their progeny with the American Dairy Goat Association. DNA typing is the responsibility of the buck owner. We suggest and recommend that DNA typing is done prior to the collection date.

Preparing your Bucks for Collection:

Preparation of your bucks is essential for producing the highest semen quality possible. By following our simple guidelines, your bucks will be ready to perform to the best of their ability on collection day.

Be sure your bucks are in proper weight and condition. If they are overweight, they tend to be lazy and not as interested in mounting the teaser doe and when too thin they have difficulty producing optimum semen in a sufficient quantity.

Bucks should be receiving adequate mineral intake all year round. A good quality mineral is vital to a high sperm count and healthy semen motility. If you are in or feed hay from a selenium deficient area, consult your veterinarian for proper boosting of your bucks selenium intake. If you’re in a proven copper deficient area or you have other minerals binding copper absorption, you’ll also need to booster copper levels as well. Generally, this can be accomplished by giving BoSe for selenium and a copper bolus 10-12 weeks prior to your collection date.

To keep the semen from being contaminated, we ask that all bucks have their underside shaved from their belly to behind their sheath. This, along with trimming your bucks feet so that he is able to mount the teaser doe repeatedly if needed, should be done a few days in advance.

Use your bucks as much as possible 3-5 days prior to collection. They should be comfortable breeding on a lead in front of people.

It’s very important that you do not run your bucks with your does. Bucks that always have the option to breed willing does may not be as willing to breed a doe not in a full standing heat. The possibility of not having a teaser doe in full heat exists. If possible, keep the bucks separated from one another as well.

During the few days before your scheduled collection date, make sure you do not use the buck. Doing so could affect the quality and quantity of the semen being processed.

Preparing Teaser Does:

You will need one teaser doe (doe in standing heat) for every 3-4 bucks collected. If the doe is under a year of age, having more than one doe in heat is necessary. Try to avoid using kids as teaser does. Does a year of age and older work best and are better able to support larger bucks and enable them to mount easily. If you are unsure of how to bring a doe into standing heat for your collection stop, consult with your veterinarian or contact us for our protocol. We recommend an 11 day CIDR protocol for best results.

What to Expect on Collection Day:

• Please be on time. Paperwork is to be done at 8:00AM with collecting starting at 9:00AM

• Have registration papers ready to complete paperwork and verify tattoos. Clean out the bucks ears prior to this time. Be sure that all tattoos are legible and match the registration certificate. If an EID is used, the buck owner MUST provide the chip reader.

• If your buck is known to have issues such as old age, recent illness, previous issues with collecting, or is young and hasn’t bred yet, please advise us prior to attempting to collect so that other ideas and options can be discussed.  If a buck kid hasn't bred a doe yet, it is unlikey they will collect.

• Semen will be available to be viewed and ready to pick up the following morning after the collection day.

• If you’re unable to stay for the semen viewing and transfer into your tank, you must designate a representative to do so for you.

• All pick up and payment arrangements need to be made prior to leaving the host herd on collection day.

• Any nitrogen tanks left with the host herd for transferring of processed semen, must be clearly labeled with the owners name and the name of the bucks to be transferred. Preferred canister location is recommended but please understand we cannot guarantee that option due to possible space limitations.

Collection Rates:

• $250/first 30 straws (minimum)

• $5.00/straws 31+

• $100 deposit/straw print fee per buck (applied towards the cost of collection – nonrefundable – covers up to 80 straws ordered *) due 21 days in advance of your collection date.

• $100 no freeze/low motility fee (as determined by iSperm & processor)*

 * If the semen isn’t at least at 50% motility post thaw, we will not release it and the $100 straw deposit is forfeited.

Payment Options:

• Paypal (Friends & Family or include a 4% Paypal fee)

• Venmo (Friends or include a 3% Venmo fee)

• Cash

• Check

Please note that payment must be paid in full before any collection forms are released. No-shows and cancellations forfeit the $100 per buck deposit. We reserve the right to refuse future collection services to no-show or late cancellations. Returned check fee is $50.

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